NCIHA Press Release Regarding CBD and the FDA

Dear North Carolina Hemp Industry,

On Friday I had an informative and engaging conversation with Joe Reardon, Assistant Commissioner of NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, regarding recent reports of warning letters sent to Hemp/CBD processors across the state. I was relieved to know that North Carolina is trying to be assertive with an “educate before regulate” approach to our industry. They have no plans to take products off the shelves but they are sending out warning letters reminding processors of the current FDA position. Commissioner Reardon has offered full transparency in this process and wants to be sure that our NC Hemp/CBD product makers have consumer health and safety as a top priority.

I encourage all of you to educate the consumer on the difference of CBD isolate (which the FDA position is based on) and naturally produced CBD extracted from hemp flower. Unfortunately recent media stories have provided more confusion in the marketplace by not explaining the difference clearly. It is also important that we do not make up other narratives on social media regarding the future regulation of our NC hemp program unless it’s based on fact.

I am committed to keeping the communication lines open with all our officials in Raleigh moving forward. Let’s stay professional and create the gold standard together.

Thank you for your support and attached is the official Press Release from NCDA & CS.


Blake Butler
Executive Director, North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association

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