Our Mission

Grown 2 Gold has recently been established as a company with the intentions of helping rebuild communities, while educating the younger generations about different natural methods of producing the same products we take for granted every day; like plastic bottles, personal products, paper products etc.

At Grown 2 Gold, we aim to help preserve our natural environment by growing alternative plants derived from the same methods of cotton production that can be used to replace the things that we seem to use so often; Much of which is either harmful or detrimental to our planet and local ecosystems.  We aim to build up communities through environment, education and integration of these products and principles into our everyday lives.

Grown 2 Gold and its affiliates fully support alternative medicines as well as every United States citizens right to have access to these natural medicines as well as the rights of the environment to be protected and preserved through alternative textile production that is not only profitable but possible and most importantly sustainable.

We are currently looking to expand our cultivation in 2019 while also vertically integrating our company to ensure quality control and transparency for our patients. We plan on allowing an opportunity for people in North Carolina and the South East region of the United States to capitalize on the agricultural economic benefits as it pertains to the establishment of the Hemp industry in North Carolina and other Pilot programs throughout the United States.


Boone Rivenbark
 Founder/Division Director

Currently, a pre-business student with an interest in alternative medicine, natural medicine, alternative textiles and environmental protection and preservation. With a background and understanding of the Cannabis industry which started my senior year of high school where permission had to be granted in order to complete the senior project on The Legalization of Medical Marijuana in the United States I have  Since then established connections and personal relationships with companies in North Carolina as well as states where full Cannabis cultivation is legal. Since becoming established in 2017, Grown2Golds position has strengthened in Cannabis Business ventures while being on the forefront of the industry in North Carolina, starting with Hemp production and Business Development until further legislation permits Medical and/or Recreational Cannabis Growth.

Our company is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIJ Holdings, Inc.